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Global warming, more COVID, Putin’s endless escalation of war, growing inflation… The world’s on fire, literally, so how do we fight it? Ian Bremmer, the (ever-optimistic) political scientist and bestselling author shares with Kasich and Klepper why he believes the crisis in Ukraine is the beginning of a new Cold War with Russia, the urgency of Finland and Sweden to join NATO, and how Putin has dug himself a hole with no way out. They also discuss Bremmer’s “Top Risks” report for 2022, including the global economic impact from China’s shutdowns, and look forward towards “the most important midterm elections in US history.” Ian Bremmer’s new book, “The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats— and Our Response—Will Change the World” is available now wherever you get your books and go to GZEROMEDIA.com for global news and more.

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