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I’m undergoing some deep energetic shifts and my ego ain’t liking it one little bit. To be truthful, I’ve been experiencing a fair whack of anxiety and self doubt. There’s a call I’m answering to really serve how I choose to serve, to create my life and use time how I really want to and it’s causing me to look at what I’m doing, reassess it and make changes. My word INTENTIONAL for this year is really well lit.
This means I’ve been working my absolute ass off to get things ready for The Legends launch, and at the same time reevaluate and reflect on what and what isn't working. It was perfect timing when I looked over @taniayorgey instagram today to pick a card and it was The Tower. Time to let go, let whatever needs to crumble, crumble, to rebuild or leave space and not fill it.
So as I hear all the doubt and feel all the anxiety, I choose to focus on what I know I’m being called to step into. Even though it’s challenging, I know it’s right and my future self is guiding me.
NB: Please forgive the audio for this episode. I recorded it in the car via my phone with a small rhodes mic.
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