S7:E6 AGAINST ALL ODDS with Jimmy Hays Nelson | Part 3


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Coach Jimmy Hays Nelson knows what it is like to play a victim of life’s circumstances. As a former 100-pound overweight, three-time college dropout, he spent most of his life underachieving, struggling in business, and constantly blaming others for his shortcomings. It wasn’t until he put into action a simple consistent system was he able to truly reclaim his confidence, boost his energy level, and use his story of struggle to ultimately serve and help countless numbers of people. Catch these highlights: 1:41 Vulnerability is where they connect 5:51 Learned knowledge v. Applied knowledge 7:07 Get Reps! 15:40 Love the process Connect with Jimmy Hays Nelson Website: http://thecoachjimmy.com Website: http://storywellcrafted.com *For a free tool kit On Socials: @thecoachjimmy Connect with The KATALYST Podcast LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/64504377 On socials: @BEAKATALYST BE YOU! BE CONFIDENT! BE A KATALYST! #beakatalyst #leadership #podcast #againstallodds #perseverance #grit #success #careerjourney #leadingchange #changemanagement #influence #leadershipdevelopment #yourstory #tellyourstory #storytelling #health #healthandfitness

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