S8:E2 THIS IS LEADERSHIP with Jonni Redick | Part 2


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Leadership. Broad term, right? What do you think when you hear the word leadership? What people, what stories, what emotions generate for you? Perhaps you embrace the topic, or perhaps you think it’s too pie-in-the-sky. This KATALYST series, ‘THIS IS LEADERSHIP’, is purposely focused on pragmatic professionals and stories. This series is meant to square up to the purpose of the Katalyst podcast, which is approaching the 18 month mark since launch! Jonni Redick retired after 29 years with the California Highway Patrol, rising through the ranks to Assistant Chief, and she now splits her time between running JL Consulting Solutions and teaching at the University of San Diego and San Joaquin Delta College. We continue the discussion with Jonni in this second segment, and we discuss her approach and the mechanics involved in her advancing through her leadership positions. It’s fantastic to hear her life context and mindset as she was blazing the trail for her career. We also discuss her heart for empowering her team and specifically what that looks like for things that she changed and evolved within the California Highway Patrol. Listen out for her quote about Person Enrichment! Connect with Jonni Redick Website: https://jlconsultingsolutions.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonni-redick-fenner-a0016a29/ Connect with KATALYST Website: https://www.hunterburney.com/katalystpodcast LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beakatalyst On socials: @BEAKATALYST BE YOU! BE CONFIDENT! BE A KATALYST! #beakatalyst #leadership #strategy #business #podcast #careeradvice #professionaldevelopment #lawenforcement #womeninlawenforcement #careerdevelopment #blazeatrail #thisisleadership

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