Korea 24 - 2020.10.14


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Korea24 – 2020.10.14. (Wednesday)
- News Briefing Part 1: Dr. Malhar Nabar, chief of the World Economic Studies division from the International Monetary Fund(IMF), talks about the latest World Economic Outlook as the global growth was revised up 0.8 percentage points to -4.4% with South Korea's own forecast improving by 0.2 percentage points.
- News Briefing Part 2: On Wednesday, the Bank of Korea(BOK) policy board announced that it kept its key interest rate at point-five percent. The central bank apparently reached the latest decision after concluding that there was no immediate need to further slash the key rate when taking into account the relatively stable financial market and heated real estate market. (Sam Len)
- In-Depth News Analysis: Professor Daniel Sneider from Stanford University and Dr. Bong Young-shik from Yonsei Institute for North Korean Studies give their insight on Japan reportedly saying that if 'proper' steps weren't taken on the wartime forced labor compensation issue, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's visit to Seoul for a trilateral summit would not be possible.
- Korea Trending with Alex Sigrist: Chung Eui-sun takes the helm of Hyundai Motor Group(정의선 현대차그룹 회장 취임), today marks one year since the passing of singer/actress Sulli(설리 1주기), and the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Awards are set to be held in December(청룡영화상 12월 11일 개최).
- Korea Book Club: Barry Welsh shares the science fiction piece "You Can Have My Voice(목소리를 드릴게요)" by Chung Serang(정세랑). Barry talks about how this strange and fascinating short story reminds him of a bizarre retelling of the Little Mermaid or the X-men.

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