27. Keeping Athena Company - Sanjit Chudha


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This week I am joined by a fabulous creative comrade, Sanjit Chudha. We have a lovely virtual catch up that includes ponderings on staycations, how the media patronises the "white working class" and why getting out of the city is good for the soul.

More about the wonderful Sanjit:

Food fuels Sanjit's love for communication; apparently, it's a family motto 'good food is everything'. When not battling to control his waistline, Sanjit is a Marketing and Comms supremo with a variety of clients across Theatre, Publishing and the Arts - notably Talawa Theatre Company.

Follow Sanjit on twitter: @sanjitchudha

Go visit his website where he writes about food, culture and society: https://sanjitchudha.com/

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