38. America, What Are We Doing...


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America, what are we doing? As an American, this past week was nothing short of an embarrassment. What happened does not accurately portray who we are as a country. It does not accurately portray the democracy that so many men and woman have sacrificed their lives for. It does not accurately portray all that we have worked so hard and long for - the freedom of all individuals.

Here's the thing, being an American and having the freedoms that we do is a privilege. Those who stormed the US Capitol are nothing but extremists who are brainwashed by someone who would turn our democracy into a dictatorship if they could.

As Americans, it's time that we come together, stand as one, come together unity regardless of our political views, gender, or race. We are Americans, and more importantly, we are humans. A political agenda should never be an excuse behind the loss of life.

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