No. 422 - 32 Beats: Dallas Stars ft. Saad Yousuf


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In the 12th installment of our 2022 32-Beats series, Saad Yousuf joins Elan to break down the 2021/22 Stars season and discuss what we can expect in 2022/23. Topics discussed include:

  • Was last season considered a success?
  • Is Oettinger ready to take on a volume starter's role?
  • How does the Robertson/Pavelski/Hintz line rank among the league's best?
  • Is Robertson going to be a consistent 40+ goal, point per game player?
  • Can Hintz sustain his consistent high shooting percentages?
  • Will Pavelski ever slow down?
  • Does Seguin still have it in him to be a star in the league?
  • Who's the next best forward currently (you'll be surprised!)
  • Does Heiskanen have more offensive upside?
  • Klingberg's next contract
  • Prospect talk: Johnston, Stankoven, Bourque, Dellandrea, Harley
  • What Dallas should do with the 18th OA pick next week.
  • And more!

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