Keto Q&A: We Answer Your Burning Questions About Low Carb, PCOS And The Ketogenic Diet


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Hello and welcome to episode 30 of Keto, Fitness, and Everything In-between!
This episode:
This week Gia and Shannon answer all your questions from this week's question box. Let us know how you liked this episode as we had lots more questions to answer so would love to do another one of these soon!
Let us know on Instagram @ketofitnesspodcast who you'd like to see next!

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Why is our podcast different?

There is nothing on the market like us! We all follow a ketogenic diet as well as know the ins and outs of the industry. Chat with us on social! Hope to see you there!

As followers of the keto diet, as well as women in business, we have a unique take on our lives so far.

Welcome to Keto, Fitness, and Everything In Between, a weekly podcast hosted by a combo of, twenty-something-year-old best friends and digital creators, Gia, Lauren, Anna and Shannon. Each week they welcome listeners into their daily life for a special helping of the tea you’re not getting from their wildly popular Instagrams. From fun lighthearted conversations about diet and fitness to sharing their tips to help to feel more confident in business– each week you’ll be left wanting more of them! New episodes every Monday!

We have some special guests joining us in the next few weeks!!
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Gia - Keto blogger , @makeshiftmermaid on insta
Shannon - Keto influencer
@_shannonslife, down 120lbs on keto
Anna - Owner of
slothmove, @thehealthyeng on insta
Lauren - Keto bread queen
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Disclaimer: The opinions in this podcast are from true experiences and so do not constitute defamation or slander. People should be able to make informed decisions around what they put money into. Do what you do at your own risk. Talk to a medical professional about any supplements or medication and do your own research.

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