48. Finding Resources & Inspiration While Battling Cancer | Miriam Kalamian


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Miriam encountered cancer when her son was diagnosed in 2007 and now uses her experience and knowledge through this tough time to help others while providing inspiration and guidance to find what works for them individually in this battle.


Miriam Kalamian is a nutrition educator, author, and consultant specializing in the ketogenic diet for cancer. In her work with hundreds of people, she has personally witnessed the life-changing effects of this powerful diet therapy, starting with her son's journey in 2007.

Time Stamps:

8:41 – Miriam’s story and her son’s encounter with brain tumor

11:09 – Her conversation with Dr. Thomas Seyfried & Ketogenic Diet

16:34 – Coming across Charlie Foundation

19:52 – Orchestrating cancer treatment and factors that could impact tumor growth

22:42 – Care oncology and repurposing drugs

25:13 – Press-Pulse strategy of cancer cell annihilation

28:20 – How do you prioritize and add healthy routines and intervention?

34:22 – Where do you find reliable resources for cancer and keto?

42:56 – Concerns with standard of care guidelines

50:31 – Modern companies that are using alternative methods towards health goals

54:31 – Protein Intake and challenges with veganism and Keto

1:07:16 – Why aren’t we getting a grip on cancer?

1:16:34 – Why do cancers return later?

1:21:22 – What kind of research do we need more for cancer?

1:22:24 – What potential technologies or research are coming out for cancer?

1:26:19 – Message for people who are fighting cancer

1:29:53 – Final Plugs

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