49. The Bottom-Up Approach Towards Health & Nutrition | Gabor Erdosi


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While the mainstream news is focused primarily on a top-down approach towards food and health aimlessly tossing around observational studies, Gabor Erdosi and even us at Ketogeek are more focused on a bottom up approach starting from mechanistic ways in which food is metabolized and impacts the body as a whole.

Bio: Gabor Erdosi has a masters in molecular biology and is the brains behind the Facebook group "Lower Insulin". Nicknamed the "Adipose Jedi", Gabor has a unique approach of delving into complexity and understanding the inner workings of the human body.

Time Stamps:

7:32 – Background, weight loss & introduction into low carb

15:18 – Learning from thousands of scientific papers & moving beyond macro and micronutrients?

18:21 – Evolutionarily appropriate foods & finding recurring themes in successful diets

22:43 – Lowering Insulin Facebook group & focusing on high quality research

26:24 – Calorie-in Calorie-Out Model, Carbohydrate-Insulin Hypothesis and leveraging various models to troubleshoot health and address root causes

32:33 – Is it ketones or foods that promote ketosis that suppress appetite?

35:45 – How food processing can impact the body at a biochemical level

43:42 – Is Insulin Resistance a bad signaling problem?

51:10 – Feedback loops and how food processing can impact its metabolic response

55:49 – Why underfeeding and overfeeding studies may have impractical implications

58:37 – Thinking of fat gain as a protective mechanism

1:07:05 – “Compartmental Storage of Fat” and fat storage hierarchy in the body

1:012:13 – How is fat burning prioritized?

1:15:48 – Mechanistic role of intestinal barrier and gut permeability

1:20:08 – Why many conditions are acute processes going south

1:20:55 – Research you would like to see

1:22:28 – Final Plugs

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