55. Sex Addiction, Relationships & Female Sexuality in the Modern World | Staci Sprout


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In this unique podcast, we focus on female sexuality and discuss some of the challenges faced by modern women and couples as well. We talk about topics that may be considered taboo including certain fantasies explored by people and understand what is going on while highlighting ingredients that would make relationships work long term. This one's a great educational piece you definitely want to listen!


Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT is a licensed psychotherapist from Seattle with twenty-four years of experience as a therapist and social worker in a variety of settings from community mental health and hospitals to private clinical practice. Since 2006, she has dedicated her practice to helping individuals, groups and couples in recovery from sex, love and relationship addictions. She conducts trainings on sexual ethics for professionals and is an experienced retreat and conference speaker. She wrote a book about her own recovery titled "Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery from Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities." More information available at www.stacisprout.com, or you can find her videos on YouTube channel, Sex Addiction in the News.


7:31 – Personal story and exposure to sexual addiction

13:29 – “Screaming on the inside and smiling on the outside”

17:27 – Parenting, childhood and female sexuality

20:20 – Affirmation and validation for one’s sexuality

23:44 – What happens to female mind when exposed to porn?

28:41 – How female cybersex is different from males?

34:17 – How do you know you have a problem?

36:55 – Do you have any inspirational story to share?

40:37 – How can we create good sexual communication?

44:27 – When and how to have a sexual conversation with your partner?

47:23 – How to handle an issue when you’re partner isn’t to something you’re into?

51:53 – Where do fantasies come from?

57:41 – What are women doing these days that isn’t working these days?

1:00:22 – How do women navigate modern dating and relationships?

1:04:00 – Happiness & the problem with the princess culture

1:12:06 – How to find support among people near you

1:14:17 – What sexually intrigues a woman?

1:19:10 – How to prevent resentment over time that kills romance and sex

1:23:04 – Public safety and fear among women

1:27:37 – A discussion behind the Gillette commercial and genders

1:37:05 – Final Plugs


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