57. mTOR & The Importance of Protein in Life Forms | Lucas Tafur


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In this very information-loaded podcast, we talk about many topics pertaining to biochemistry, autophagy, mTOR, Immunometabolism, protein structures, the impact of aging in muscle protein synthesis and the important role of protein in living organisms.


Lucas Tafur is currently working as a postdoc studying the regulation of TOR complexes in yeast. He is onterested in a wide range of topics related to human health and metabolism, and lately mostly towards skeletal muscle. He is trying to understand physiology using a bottom-up approach, starting from the molecular basis and building up to the organismal level, considering an evolutionary background for interpretation. He currently writes articles in his personal blog www.p70s6k.com and in Nutmol, a spanish website on nutrition and metabolism with a molecular biology-centric perspective (www.nutmol.com).


0:15 – Ketogeek Introduction, Energy Pods, and updates

10:28 – Lucas Tafur Introduction and a bottom-up approach towards nutrition

16:16 – What kind of studies are you interested in?

18:21 – How do you translate vitro studies into animal and human models?

21:50 – How substantial is autophagy when it comes to practical benefits?

27:57 – How does protein from food convert to muscles?

31:28 – What is mTOR and how does it impact muscle protein synthesis and cell growth?

39:10 – What is the role of mTOR and different muscular composition in bodybuilders, endurance athletes, and sedentary individuals?

42:13 – Is muscle hypertrophy triggered by muscular damage?

44:21 – How do age impact muscle mass and synthesis?

47:21 – Impact of anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle growth

49:30 – What is “inflammation” and immunometabolism?

53:50 – What is protein structure pertaining to structural biology?

57:57 – Can you tell what protein you will find in what organism?

1:00:14 – Why do we even have protein in nature and organisms?

1:03:50 – Why do animals have essential amino acids and plants don’t?

1:06:40 – Why ketosis may be less stressful when producing energy for the body

1:13:51 – Is there an advantage to having high Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS)?

1:15:30 – What is “nutmol”?

1:26:10 – What else do you do outside of research?

1:27:35 – What kind of research would you do for a billion dollars?

1:29:45 – Final Plugs



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