Operatives in Charge, Afghan Rapists, KC Doesn‘t Want New Stadium, Lamar Insults Chiefs Defense


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The White House is making comments about the conduct of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that are appalling and arrogant and prove one thing. The operatives behind Joe Biden believe they are in charge of the whole world.

Two Afghan refugees we "saved" have committed horrific crimes at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. One is accused of raping girls under the age of 16, the other of choking and suffocating his wife. This is just the beginning.

In Sports, the Royals want a new downtown ballpark. But the people of Kansas City don't. This is not a surprise but if history tells us anything, the Royals will need to get creative in financing and not plan on just taxing the people.

And Ravens quarterback has thrown shade all over the Chiefs defense this week... and may not even know it. The defense is so bad, it feels like 2018. The stats so far are ghastly.

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