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Kevin Timothy Austin (b. 1988) is an avid composer with experience in a wide variety of modern compositional processes, favoring blends of genera such as spectralism, minimalism, serialism, aleatory, indeterminacy, jazz, indian classical music and electronic music, with a hint of neoclassicism and indie pop. He enjoys exploring and creating new notation methods and musical forms and maintains a tactile and organic approach to music composition. His music has received world premieres by various performers, including the Purchase Brass Ensemble, Erasable Color, Duo Charbonneau, and the DT "Double Trouble" Bassoon Duo. He was also one of one hundred and thirty-three composers worldwide to submit and participate in the Generous Ensemble's “Vexations Project,” in honor of John Cage's centennial in 2012. His music has been published by Imagine Music Publishing and by ProQuest, and has been performed at recitals and conferences worldwide.

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