The Weekly Mix, Vol. 738 - Latinx Heritage Month


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In celebration of Latinx Heritage Month, September 15th to October 15th, KEXP will center voices from some of our favorite Latinx and Latinx-American artists. Join El Sonido DJs Albina Cabrera and Chilly for a fresh mix featuring a wide variety of artists and genres from around the world, as well as some reflections and perspectives of individuals from the Latinx music community.
1. Ghetto Kumbé - Vamo a Dale Duro
2. Barzo - All About My People (feat. La Dame Blanche & El Individuo)
3. La Dame Blanche - La Mentalista
4. Buscabulla - Vámono
5. Cartas A Felice - El Zope
6. Dylan Thomas. - Recuerdos
7. Los Blenders - Perdidos en Pantitlán
8. LAS EX - Me Escabié
9. Téléviser - Hasta Que Nos Lleve El Sol
10. Marilina Bertoldi - Fumar De Día
11. Rita Indiana - Como Un Dragón
12. Ana Tijoux - Pa' Que (feat. PJ Sin Suela)
13. Flor Linyera - Hola
14. Terror/Cactus - Guanaco
15. Son Rompe Pera - Cumbia Algarrobera (feat. Chico Trujillo)
16. ABI LEAN - En Mi Sueño (feat. Ez Bee)
17. Lido Pimienta - Nada (feat. Li Saumet)
18. Yanna - Marcaperu
19. Rebeca Lane - Versos Tristes
20. Karma Rivera - Down 2 Ride (feat. Fabi Reyna)
21. MULA - En El Aire
22. Tatiana Hazel - IN MY ROOM!
23. Afrosideral - Líbrame de Arayé

DJs Albina Cabrera and Chilly are the co-hosts of El Sonido, every Monday from 7-10pm PT on, the KEXP app or 90.3 FM in Seattle.

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