Keys to your BEST life with Maggie Kavanaugh


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Your host, Maggie Kavanaugh, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, co-founder of Moving Forward Ministries TN and Liberty Through Christ. Maggie inspires her audiences to move forward to live life whole, spirit, soul, and body. Maggie has overcome a destructive past, illness, and abuse. After turning her life over to Jesus, she went from surviving to thriving. Maggie found keys that opened the doors to her best life. Now she shares others' stories of overcoming. Each guest on the show shares a key with the audience. Everyone has a story and needs a key to unlock who they are called to be. This broadcast helps you to find those keys to their BEST life! Each episode closes with a key to add to your key chain of success. Best stands for BELIEVE, EXPECT, SUCCESS, TODAY! #FaithBasedPodCast

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