Bert Kreischer, Josh Duhamel, Marc Roberge, and KFC's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


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Subscribe, Rate, and Leave a Review! -Last Thursday we recorded KFC's immediate reaction to his car breaking down. It's as sad as it is funny (and it's the hardest I've laughed all year) -Jets are officially eliminated from the playoffs and KFC is in hot water with Cam Newton fans -Thanksgiving Roundup -Voicemails -Top 5 Voices you've heard in your life (01:09:00) Bert Kreischer returns to the show. We talk about balancing work and partying, having your funny ideas shot dow, finding a friend that helps you find the funny in everything, birthday gifts, male porn stars, crafting jokes, and much more. (02:10:00) Marc Roberge returns to the show. We talk about adapting to performing music online, Taylor Swift and her masters rerecording, creating an amazing experience for your fans, and much more. (02:58:30) Josh Duhamel joins the show. We talk about the classic "hard guy" comedies that are packed with a dark sense of humor, your friendships meaning more to you as you get older, we play answer the internet, and more. Let us know what you think on twitter: @KFCRadio @KFCBarstool @Feitsbarstool @BertKreischer @MarcRoberge @JoshDuhamel

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