Order closing churches is challenged


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In today's News:

Order closing churches is challenged

Liberty Counsel filed the reply brief to the first Circuit Court of Appeals regarding Calvary Chapel of Bangor’s appeal in the lawsuit against Maine Gov. Janet Mills’ orders against churches. Under the governor’s challenged orders when the complaint was filed, no religious gatherings were permitted, including parking lot services. Under the orders, the church can hold secular but not religious meetings. The church can feed, shelter, and provide social services to an unlimited number of people, but religious services are severely limited in the same building where non-religious services can be held. Mills said that churches will only be allowed to meet in small numbers when she is satisfied with the “metrics,” and when that happens, she will require churches to apply to reopen. Approved churches would then need to display a “badge” at the front door signifying they are approved to open. However, Mills has no process in place to begin the approval process and no application for the churches. Even the notion that churches would have to apply to reopen and display a “badge” signifying approval is offensive to the first amendment.

Satanists call abortion a religious rite

The Satanic Temple admitted Wednesday that, in their belief system, killing an unborn baby in an abortion is a religious ritual similar to communion or baptism for Christians. According to The Friendly Atheist Blog, the satanists described their surgical abortion ritual in detail Wednesday. They said it involves two tenets of their religion involving bodily autonomy and adherence to what they call “best scientific practices.” They oppose laws that require abortion facilities to show mothers the ultrasounds of their unborn babies or have them listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat. They oppose waiting periods that ensure mothers have time to consider informed consent information prior to going through with the abortion and they want to be exempted from laws that require abortion facilities to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies.

Planned Parenthood targets minorities

Despite Planned Parenthood’s recent disavowal of racist founder Margaret Sanger and her philosophy of eugenics, last month Planned Parenthood North Central States opened a new abortion facility in the minority community of Brooklyn Park, Minn. Minnesota requires abortion facilities to report information about abortions, including detailed demographics. According to 2019 statistics published by the state, more than 30 percent of reported abortions were done on black women, while less than 6.2 percent of Minnesotans are black. Other racial minorities accounted for an additional 12 percent of abortions done in Minnesota last year. That means 42 percent of all abortions done in Minnesota last year involved racial minorities, while the state’s population is 84 percent white.

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