Weaving Arts Into the Fabric of Life: Ink People Celebrates Forty


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"It was fun...it's still fun," says Libby Maynard, about how the Ink People has continued for 40 years. The arts organization supports much of the infrastructure of the local arts scene, living out it's motto, "weaving the arts into the fabric of our community." Maynard is the director and co-founder of the Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka's official arts organization. The group started in 1979 when a group of Humboldt State art students realized they would need to work collectively to keep and house the equipment they needed to continue their printmaking art. The organization has grown to be the umbrella for arts projects and events big and small. Today there are 100 active "DreamMaker" projects, the Ink People's program for self-directed arts enterprises. DreamMaker projects range from county-wide arts events to performace groups, and youth arts to community building efforts. The Ink People also operates the Brenda Tuxford Gallery; the MARZ Project, an art and music program for

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