Episode 104: Staying at Home during a Pandemic


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During this time of uncertainty where many people are social distancing in their homes, Drs. Josephine Kim, Kristin Fauntleroy, and Tom Freije prepared an excellent episode to keep YOU informed! Our Health News segment discusses child abuse and non-accidental trauma during these stay at home orders. This segment is followed by our first main segment that discusses discipline approaches and the current AAP recommendations. Our Parenting Tips provide tips from Dr. Fauntleroy discussing effective ways to manage working from home with the kids. We end the show with our last segment of children's mental health and how our current state can affect anxiety and depression. Tune in! Topic Times! Health News- Child Abuse 1:17 Discipline 4:20 Parenting Tip- Working from Home 11:31 Anxiety/Depression 13:00 Trivia 20:20 This episode was recorded on 04/24/2020.

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