Episode 108: Adverse Childhood Experiences, Promoting Anti-Racist Behavior, and MIS-C!


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This episode is packed with new information! Learn from Drs. Aliya Allahwala, Amelia Mackarey, and Peter Wade on our newest episode! They begin the episode discussing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how promoting resilience is key to preventing chronic conditions linked to ACEs. Our parenting tip provides information on promoting anti-racist behaviors and how different ages begin to see race. We then end the show with more information on MIS-C and more trivia, as always! Topic Times! Health News- 2:05 ACEs- 5:07 Parenting Tip- 12:05 MIS-C- 15:05 Trivia- 25:15 This episode was recorded on July 22nd, 2020.

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