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Savannah would like to bring you an exciting new podcast surrounding the Theranos controversy called "Bad Blood."

Bad Blood will focus on the trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the now defunct blood testing startup, Theranos. Hosted by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, John Carreyrou, whose reporting for The Wall Street Journal first uncovered her fraud and wrote a book about Theranos’ downfall, John will walk you through the government’s case against Elizabeth Holmes and everything happening in the courtroom.

You’ll hear exactly how Theranos got away lying to investors, patients and doctors. the impact Elizabeth Holmes’ lies and the consequences of Silicon Valley’s fake-it-til you make it culture, and tons of new material in the show that has never been published before.

In this exclusive clip, you'll hear about how Elizabeth tried to capitalize on the 2014 Ebola epidemic to land a big investor. If you’ve ever wondered what Theranos would do if it was still around during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is a probably a good clue.

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