Phil Spencer Gets Candid About Xbox Series X - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.02.20


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Blessing and Tim discuss a new interview from Phil Spencer getting detailed about Xbox Series X. Time Stamps - 00:05:50 - Housekeeping Troy Baker comes to We Have Cool Friends Friday! Today! At 6pm PT, we’re having a community “Into the Spiderverse” Netflix Party - BYO happy hour cocktail/mocktail! Stay tuned to @joeynoelle on twitter for the link shortly before it starts - It’s gonna be a good time Thank you to our Patreon Producers: Mohammed Mohammed, Al Tribesman, Black Jack The Roper Report - 00:08:20 - Phil Spencer sat down with Ryan McCaffrey on IGN’s Unlocked - write ups from WCCFtech & Gamespot 00:24:41 - My question is though, and if the KF community would like to join in too in the chat for a quick poll, are either of you being swayed more to choose a Xbox Series X over the PS5? - Best Friends Q:Midnight Owl 00:36:20 - Sony sets up $100m COVID-19 Relief Fund - James Batchelor @ GIBiz 00:38:45 - Let’s Watch Some Game Trailers 00:48:05 - Out today Reader mail - 00:52:35 - With the news that Gearbox is not paying it's staff the expected bonuses but something much lower, and responding to employees by allegedly saying "if they weren’t happy with the royalty system, they were welcome to quit" How do I as a gamer do something about that? - EightBitGeek 00:57:40 - Yesterday the New York Time published an article introducing gaming to people stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic ( Do you think when this is all over gaming will be much more mainstream than it is now? what benefits could that do to next gen consoles? - TechHass 01:00:10 - Will 1 terabyte remain the norm for next generation or do you think we will see consoles jump up to 2 or 5 terabytes? - Frankfurtter 01:02:50 - Squad Up: Julian (The Gluten Free Gamer) - Xbox One:JG Skills 02 01:03:20 - You‘re Wrong 01:03:30 - BREAKING NEWS: Sony Delays Tomorrow’s Hosts:Blessing & Tim

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