Bigger Bonus: Growing up Paranormal with Jerry Paulley (Hillbilly Horror Stories)


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Join Zevon and guest Jerry Paulley as they discuss Jerry's paranormal childhood, and the the haunted upbringing that eventually inspired Hillbilly Horror Stories. Next we move on to a wild bonus story from last week's town in, "The Legend of Linden's Laundry," OR, "Forbidden Love: Fraulein Cinderella Fingered by Feds."

Show notes: (all timestamps are approximate)

  • Intro (00:00-01:17)
  • A Paranormal Parent and a Poltergeist: Jerry Paulley's haunted boyhood (01:17-05:15)
  • Jerry reveals the genesis of the name, "Hillbilly Horror Stories," and whether he considers himself a Hillbilly (05:15-6:43)
  • Story Frame for The Legend of Linden's Laundry (6:43-7:30)
  • History of the The Lebec Hotel (7:30-8:06)
  • The Legend of Linden's Laundry (8:06-21:52)
  • Outro (21:52-22:53)

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