3: EP 3: Hinkley with Erik Stocklin


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Join Zevon and guest Erik Stocklin (Haters Back Off, Good Trouble, Stalker) as they explore the Kinda Murdery history of Hinkley, California and discover, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Melton,” “Dogman vs. Tooth Fairy Murder,” and, “Catch Me if You Can…Perform Experimental Lobotomies."
Show notes: (all timestamps are approximate)
  • Intro (00:00-01:08)
  • Welcome to Hinkley (01:08-02:34)
  • Introductions (02:34-4:04)
  • Erik tells us what he's been up to (04:04-05:36)
  • Trip Itinerary (05:36-06:57)
  • A Trip Everyone Takes (06:57-07:52)
  • Doctor Jekyll and Mister Melton (07:52-21:07)
  • The Newberry Tooth-fairy and the Hinkley Dogman Murder(21:07-32:17)
  • Hinkley is a Murdery Name (32:17-35:59)
  • Catch Me If You Can Perform Brain Surgery (35:59-44:11)
  • Outro (44:11-45:23)
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