Episode 8 - The Successors Awaken


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Alexander's half-sister Cynane becomes the first member of the Argead Dynasty to perish following the death of her brother in Babylon two years earlier. To prevent a mutiny within the Macedonian Army, Perdiccas marries Cynane's daughter Adea to her half-uncle, King Philip III. In the aftermath of Cynane's death, the regency collapses as Antigonus the One-Eyed informs Antipater of Perdiccas’ plans to set aside his daughter Nicaea to marry Alexander's sister Cleopatra. Outraged by this insult, and believing the Regent is setting up a play to crown himself as King, Antipater and his son-in-law Craterus vow to throw Perdiccas out of power. Meanwhile, Alexander's body makes its way from Babylon to Asia Minor, in preparation for Perdiccas' plans to bury the King in Macedon and possibly lay claim to the throne. In Syria however, troops under Ptolemy's command hijack the funeral procession and divert the body to Egypt. The First War of the Diadochi has begun.

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