Alleviating Poverty Through Affordable Housing | Cody Persell: Owner of House Guys USA


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Other topics discussed:

  • The history of red-lining and it's impact on communities today
  • How Cody overcame a problem of building affordable housing units
  • Using real estate to alleviate poverty
  • Revolutionizing property management in C-class markets

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Guest Bio: House Guys USA was established in 2015 by Cody Persell. Under the umbrella of House Guys USA, Cody also established House Guys USA Property Management and Maintenance and Make Ready Services.

These affiliate companies provide direct control over two very vital links for the overall success of fulfilling the mission of stabilizing families and protecting affordable housing in inner city America.

Through strategic partnerships with investors and community organizations, Cody has helped establish and manage nearly $10 million residential real estate investment portfolios during this time. In addition to offering safe and affordable rentals to families, Cody had a vision of providing families a pathway to homeownership with a Rent to Own program. By creating responsible and trusting relationships with tenants this program would allow families to experience homeownership at price comparable to an average rent payment.

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