#316: Marketing Minute: 3 Types of Book Marketing


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There are three types of book marketing you can do.

1. Free organic marketing (usually takes longer and requires more time) 2. Paid ads (for authors the best platform is Amazon Ads but still requires a learning curve) 3. Partner marketing through strategic relationships (very powerful but requires connecting with others in your niche or those who already have a platform similar to your target audience)

Free Organic Marketing:

Content marketing, social media, etc. The pro is that it’s FREE. The con is that it takes more time.

Amazon ads:

Amazon ads do take time and a learning curve. But with persistence, they can be very effective. We've done very well with ads for my book Broken Crayons Still Color.

Partner Marketing:

I share 11 ideas for partner marketing in this video. You can watch it here: https://trainingauthors.com/get/email-list/

27 Book Marketing Ideas

Download our free PDF with 27 different ideas to market your book here: https://www.trainingauthors.com/ideas/

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