#276: Repurpose Your Content


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If you have published blog posts, podcasts, videos, or have given presentations; you may already have content you can use for your book.

Take a moment to look over the content you have already created to see if you can repurpose it and include it in your book.

For example:

  • Podcasts and videos can be transcribed.
  • Presentation slides can be used as part of your outline.
  • Deleted scenes can be fleshed out and used as a free gift for newsletter subscribers.
  • Journal content can be used when sharing your own story or journey.
  • Even social media posts and emails can be repurposed into content for your books.

Here are a few of my personal examples:

  • My very first book, “Mirror Mirror…Am I Beautiful,” was created from articles on my website.
  • The outline for our book, “Forgiveness Formula,” came from our presentations on the topics that were well received. I also used some of my journal content in this book.
  • “Procrastination to Publication,” was transcribed from one-hour audio and then edited into a book.
  • “Prolific Publisher,” was transcribed from a webinar presentation and then edited into a book.
  • “Self-Publishing Books 101,” was created from blog posts and expanded into a resource many writers have used to self publish their books.

The options are limitless! Don’t forget to consider the content you already have as you write.

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