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What could happen if you devoted just 15-minutes a day to your writing? Keep listening over the next few minutes to this encouragement that when applied can help you finish writing your book.

My name is Shelley Hitz and I’m here with my husband CJ Hitz. We have been mentoring writers for over a decade helping you get your books out of your heads and onto paper with our book writing formulas so that you can write words that outlive you and self-publish books that fulfill your calling.

In each of our trainings we promise to share at least one thing that will help you write, self-publish, and market your books so that the message of your books can impact lives.

Today we’re going to talk about being a 15-minute writer.

Anthony Trollope was one of the most successful novelists of the Victorian era. Over the course of 35 years, he wrote 47 novels. He did all of this while working a demanding job as a post office inspector.

He committed 15 minutes of every workday hour to writing 250 words. This commitment could produce up to 10 pages of a novel each day. Trollope made the decision to turn off all distractions during those 15-minute segments, only hearing the ticking of his watch.

Although this may not be realistic for all of us, this practice shows what can happen during uninterrupted 15-minute intervals. When we become intentional about scheduling these 15-minute writing sessions, it can add up over the course of weeks, months and years. Even if we haven’t written 250 words, these segments could allow us to organize our thoughts or ideas. Productivity can be defined in numerous ways.

What if you and I committed to writing just 15 minutes a day? Surely this is a realistic goal for each of us. Could you commit to 15 minutes of focused writing each day?

Once you get going, you may get into a writing flow that seemingly never ends.

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