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Guest: Scott Budnick

ARC (Anti-Recidivism Coalition)

Represent Justice

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This week we have film producer, criminal justice reform activist, and philanthropist, Scott Budnick in the pod! From executive producing films such as “The Hangover” franchise, “War Dogs,” and most recently “Just Mercy,” needless to say, Scott has made a firm footprint in Hollywood. As a man of vast influence and an ocean of resources, Scott practically has the ability to pour his energy wherever he wants, and chances are, things will move. Over the past handful of years, Scott’s passion for reform for the injustices that exist within our very own criminal justice system have steered him away from the film industry, and straight to the ground floor of where these issues lie. Listen as Scott walks us through where it all began, where it took a left turn, to how it circled all the way back, but with a much different intention.

We all have a platform, however large or small. How we utilize that platform can be the difference of simply being a spectator to what’s happening right in front of you, to actually being a part of the force that has the power to move the needle. This one is FULL. Get ready. Jump in. 🔛✨




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