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Guest: Shaun Evaristo



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This week we have the one and only @shaunevaristo back in the pod! Shaun was actually the very first guest of the pod, and the last time we spoke with him was just about 2 years ago. A lot has changed since then to say the least. From working with some of the biggest names in music, to choreographing for international pop artists, to being the founder of @movement.lifestyle, Shaun’s dance journey has taken him all over the map. As we check in with Shaun during this unprecedented time in 2020, he walks us through some of the challenges he’s faced as an individual dealing with the pandemic, and how his studio mL has had to make pivots during this time as well. With Shaun being the brilliant creative that he is, and a resilient one at that, this time has steered Shaun to carve out a new journey not only for just himself, but for people to journey along side him. Shaun talks about his new program #SelfExplore - an experiential curriculum where Shaun guides students to experiment, explore, and unlock elements to find new levels of movement and mentality.
A time of pandemic can do 1 of 2 things - it can debilitate, or it can cultivate. The choice is in your hands. Listen as Shaun walks us through his process of vulnerability turned into strength and innovation. Hop into the brilliant mind of Shaun Evaristo 🔭✨
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