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Guest: Miles Brown



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This week we have dancer, rapper, and actor @milesbrown of the hit show @blackishabc in the pod! From the age of 3 years old, Miles fell in love with the art of dance. By the time he was 4, he was already dancing on shows like @theellenshow and even competed on major competition shows like @agt. His love for the arts grew from dance into acting, and by the age of 9, Miles landed his first major series role in ABC’s “Black-ish”. Simply put, Miles didn’t dance or act as a part of a “career plan”...he just really loved the art and poured himself into it. In this conversation, Miles talks about how when you truly love something, you will do whatever it takes to find a way to get it. During this time of quarantine, rather than looking at this time as a handicap, Miles sees this time as an opportunity to continue getting after all the things he’s passionate about, but just being creative in how to go about doing them. With the blessing of technology Miles is continuing to work, staying connected with friends and family, engaging with his audience through social media, continuing to create music, and even starting new ventures with this added gift of time.

Perspective is everything. You can either passively let your circumstances swallow you up, or you can choose to take advantage of your situation by searching out the possibilities. Miles’ career has been built on actively seeking out possibilities, and this time of lockdown is not only not stopping him, he’s actually utilizing it to propel him even further. Hop into the world of this young star and get a look into the mindset of how we can all be using this time to our advantage.




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