Game Design Unboxed 6: Misdirection


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In episode 6 of Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication we talk with Michael Langford, the designer of Misdirection, a Kickstarter that was fulfilled in 2019. Micheal decided to Kickstart his game after joining many Kickstarter Facebook groups like Board Game Spotlight and learned a lot of lessons between how to market, work with manufacturers in china and what to do when you end up with a crazy amount of bubble wrap on accident. He jokes that if there was a book on what not to do in a Kickstarter his face would be on it. So learn from him if you decide to go the Kickstarter route with your game!

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  • Michael Langford – Guest
  • Danielle Reynolds – Host
  • Ben Moy – Host
  • Denice – Host

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