Legend Lore Special Edition: One Shot Part 0: Session 0


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Spinning out of Legend Lore’s New Players Guide series (episode 17, 18, and 19), Luis once again sits in the GM chair to introduce Pathfinder 2nd edition to players with varying experiences with Pathfinder and tabletop roleplaying games.


Luis Loza writer of Monstrous Physique and GM for Valiant.

Loren Sieg writer of Dear DovahQueen and Bend the Knee.

Ryan Costello director of logistics at the Know Direction Network and cohost of the Know Direction podcast.

Stan! cartoonist, author, and game designer whose experience with tabletop RPGs dates back to the 70s, and work in the industry dates back to TSR.

Eleanor Langthorne actor, model, and lead singer of Vices Inc.

Meg the Dweeb ER nurse and cosplayer

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Banner art by Stan! based on a character by Eleanor Langthorne.

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