Bedros Keuilian: Candid Covid Talk with Coach Tony Blauer


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I've known Bedros for several years now. I was introduced to him through my good friend Jay Ferruggia I immediately liked Bedros. He's a deep and passionate listener with a lightning-fast mind.

His origin story is fantastic (read MAN-UP as soon as you can). Essentially, he taught himself to survive and thrive, and grow into a business leader, best-selling author, speaker, business consultant and he also created Fit Body Boot Camp, one of the nation’s fastest-growing franchises.

But Bedros, the business wizard, is not the reason I had him on the KNOW FEAR podcast. What caught my attention was his recent posts about the pandemic, specifically the lockdown and his thoughts on the infringement on our rights.

Warning: Bedros is passionate, raw, and blunt and I love it. Meet my friend Bedros Keuilian.

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