Coach Tony Blauer: Rant on Mindset, Fear, Preparedness and Response-Ability


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Welcome to this somewhat unique episode of KNOW FEAR. Why? Because it's just me!

It’s a recording from my Wednesday morning garage gym self-defense class and I'm sharing it with you because my intro rant inspired by the current violence in America might be of value to you.

Here are some of the things that I discuss:

  • There is not one single magic technique in the world.
  • The first fight you need to win is between you and you.
  • How can we solve problems in times of chaos?
  • Where is the first place we are hit?
  • How to think about intuition so that it serves you during a crisis.
  • What I think you should do when you get any fear spike.
  • Tips to reframe fear.
  • My consent and preparedness model.
  • Holy shit moment? Remember the F.U.C.K. formula.
  • The Tactical Trinity.
  • This metaphor can change how you navigate life: Mind Body Spirit becomes Nav-System Car Fuel.

I wrap up this call with a review of the inspiration philosophy and science around the SPEAR System.

  • The difference between the Spear system and the Spear tactic
  • Evidence-based self-defense.
  • Techniques versus Tactics.
  • The choicest choice and remember you are a human weapon.

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