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I always took breathing for granted. I think most of us do.

I’ve been teaching self-defense since 1977. I trained for hours. Sparred every student. Taught 7 days a week. I did this for decades. I always assumed my breathing was on point. It wasn’t. That didn’t mean I didn’t have excellent cardiovascular conditioning, I did. But it was adapted for a specific scenario (even today, in my late 50s, I can do scenario-drills with 30-year old military studs and hang with them - but again, that’s ‘adaptation’., my body had acclimated.

I needed to understand breathing outside my sport. Enter Belisa Vranich. Belisa had been on my list of breathing experts to connect with and we finally linked. Within minutes I learned I wasn’t breathing efficiently. I didn’t really understand the role of the diaphragm or how it moved. My Vital Lung Capacity (VLC) was restricted from scar tissue from broken ribs. I didn’t know this! I was a vertical breather. Ugh! All of this impacted my athletic potential and it contributed to other subtle health issues. I learned so much during our private session that I also downloaded her book Breathe even though she gave me a copy after our session! If you are alive and breathing you don’t want to miss this episode. Meet my friend Belisa Vranich.

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