Foundation Training with Eric Goodman & Jessie Salas


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My relationship with pain is a long one. For better worse (mostly worse), I grew up in during NO PAIN NO GAIN era and as a result, my body has nagged at me for decades. In my frequent search for the next magic pill to manage my back and neck issues, I discovered Dr. Eric Goodman.

I was intrigued by who he’s helped from A-list actors to professional athletes, firefighters, BJJ practitioners and of course regular people like you and I. A year ago I finally had the chance to work with him and his amazing team.

His method called, Foundation Training, has really helped me.

If you’re a human, living on planet Earth, you’re working against gravity, looking down on a cell phone, hunched over a computer, sitting a lot (car/desk) and you likely experience back and neck pain.

Meet my friends, Eric Goodman and Jessie Salas.

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