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I started following Michael Mihas on Instagram where he has a very popular and irreverent page called MR JIU-JITSU.

Many of his posts are very very funny - so funny in fact, that I private messaged him and asked if he had a team of comedy writers helping him. To which he LOL'd and admitted it was just him having 'deep thoughts while on the toilet'. No shit, I thought. I had to get him on KNOW FEAR.

I didn't know him outside his posts, and as you can tell from his page name, he loves BJJ. Separate to his funny posts, his message is consistent - train -train - train - No Excuses. He pulls no punches when he posts or replies. So I knew our call could get controversial because of how I have created categories separating martial art training from martial training. Regardless, I wanted to get to know Michael, and hell it didn't matter if we ended up disagreeing on methods, as long as we had an intelligent conversation and inspired some people to train.

Our call was pretty animated, here's a link to it too:

Go follow him here:

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