The Future Of Guitar Stores? Reverb Fighting The 1099.


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Join the the petition on Reverb. Or Not, your choice
Subject index
00:00 Intro
01:51 Reverb is trying to get the government to change the 1099 law
All proceeds will go to the International Rescue Committee to support their efforts to help the refugees in Ukraine.
09:00 Guitar is harder to learn the older you get
15:14 The PRS Tele Guitar?
18:48 Can you add bluetooth to any amp?
21:55 The future of guitar stores
34:00 Issues I'm dealing with Blackstock pickups
37:00 Putting A Fender decal on a non Fender neck?
47:28 Why companies do not know their own history
58:30 Carbon Fiber guitars
1:05:05 Its hot in Arizona, we live here against mother natures will.
1:15:30 Why we have to cool our pool in AZ
1:26:55 Fender made the first 7 string solid body and didn't know it
1:33:30 What percentage of guitar players have one guitar?
1:49:28 Why are Squiers so good?
1:53:22 What was the worst expensive guitar I ever bought?
1:58:00 nest weeks show at Sweetwater
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