‘Democracy (In One Book or Less)’ by David Litt


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"What explains the gap between what We, the People want and what our elected leaders do? How can we fix our politics before it's too late? And how can we truly understand the state of our democracy without wanting to crawl under a rock? That's what former Obama speechwriter David Litt set out to answer. Publisher: William Morrow / Harper Collins Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative. 00:00 - Show Opening 01:06 - Orbit - Modern Modern Life 01:09 - Episode Intro 04:49 - Orbit (Cont’d) - Modern Modern Life 05:37 - Interview with David Litt, Part 1 17:40 - Best Thing - Modern Modern Life 19:01 - Interview with David Litt, Part 2 42:21 - How Ya Been? - Modern Modern Life 42:29 - Episode Outro 44:05 - How Ya Been? (Cont’d) - Modern Modern Life 45:09 - Show Closing 46:37 - Finish "

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