Episode 56 - The Strange Case of Zigmund Adamski!


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It's our first episode going into Halloween, so we're going in easy with a classic case - the strange abduction, and reappearance, of ZIGMUND ADAMSKI!

Adamski was a Poish born coal miner from Tingley, West Yorkshire, who disappeared under strange circumstances in June 1980. His reappearance five days later was even stranger, and far more sinister...

And what of Alan Godfrey, the stalwart policeman who was first on the scene? Could his experiences possibly be any weirder?

Press PLAY to find out!

Over the Halloween month of October we hope to do at least one episode of true life spooky stories, and we'd like to either interview YOU or here your story on voicemail. it's dead easy! Just record your experience, and email your story to krakencovepodcast@gmail.com.

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