Kristel Clear: Navigating the Teenage Years


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Do you have teenagers at home? Do you sometimes feel like you need a roadmap every time a new situation arises? Do you have a teenager who is struggling while coping with life, including depression, loneliness, lack of confidence, anxiety? Do you wish you had someone to bounce thoughts off of? Would you want to receive guidance on how to handle certain situations with your teen? No one ever teaches us how to be parents in school, not to mention how one reaction, one piece of advice, or one consequence, can change things in the household. Life between middle school and early 20's is SO HARD! Today's teenagers have the highest rate of depression and anxiety than EVER before. The suicide rate is at an all time high. Each week, host Marina Kristel has conversations with experts and stories from other parents, including her own, that will help you to feel less alone and provide you with answers. Follow on Instagram: @Marinakristel . Subscribe to Kristel Clear: Navigating the Teenage Years and share the show with someone who needs to hear it. Her mission is to change the lives of teenagers (and their parents!) They are our future and our loves!

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