INTERVIEW: WU WOMAN, SVITLANA ZAVIALOVA, Artist of Martial Movement, Author of "Shen Fa"


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Huge thanks to The WU WOMAN, Svitlana Zavialova, for talking with me and sharing her important and deeply personal journey from Crimea to Shen-Fa. If you want to follow along, you can go to her website at or check out her instagram page at WU.WOMAN. She is also on Facebook and Twitter and I will post all those links in the show notes. If you’re in the NYC area, she will be holding a workshop on February 22nd in Brooklyn at the Mariel Schulman Theater. If you’re in Paris, she will be performing at the Martial Arts Festival with Ivan Iusco on March 21st, along with another workshop the next day. Then she’s back in NY on March 28th for another workshop. Again, she’s a fascinating voice in the martial arts milieu so if you have the chance, go check her out.








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