Turn Your Challenges Into Sacred Initiations with Elizabeth Rose | Ep. 188


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“It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.” — Epictetus In this conversation, Elizabeth {the Adeptist} Rose shares her recent experience of what I would refer to as Coming Clean, in which everything she had been clinging onto for security, certainty and validation of her identity, began to fall away. She also shares 6 powerful steps you can take the moment you are faced with any type of adversity (you’ll want to write these down!) If you listen to this full conversation, you will learn how to turn your challenges into Sacred Initiations. Join my monthly membership program Tapped IN https://www.kyliemlewis.com/tapped-in/ Shop art prints! https://www.kyliemlewis.com/product-category/art/ Join an upcoming women’s circle on Zoom https://www.kyliemlewis.com/womens-circles/ Watch this conversation on YouTube https://youtu.be/vn5NAegWO8I Get my book Coming Clean https://www.kyliemlewis.com/my-book/ Follow Elizabeth on Instagram https://instagram.com/theadeptist?utm_medium=copy_link Visit Elizabeth’s website https://www.theadeptist.com/

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