How To Start Your Eco Friendly And Zero Plastic Waste Lifestyle | With Tania Gay


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In this podcast, we speak with the very sophisticated and well-researched Tania Gay, owner and founder of TG Organica, an online zero waste shop. She is also the co-host and co-creater of 2ChicksGoingGreen, a YouTube platform spreading education on creating sustainable change. She truly aims to impact the world through helping people at home create positive change for the environment in their daily lives, “one change at a time”. In the little over 1 hour podcast, we speak thoroughly on the issues we face with plastics & waste, the ongoing waste management, the alternatives & solutions.
We also hear her story, and why she really started this journey towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, and why you should too

Listen to this podcast if you truly care about the environment and to educate yourself more on sustainable solutions. Plus, don’t forget to look at Tania’s social media links posted below.

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