LOTF 44: Scott Thomas on Developing Your Craft


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This episode of Ladies of the Fright is brought to you by Inkshares. This October experience Violet, the second novel of Stoker-nominated Kill Creek author Scott Thomas. Violet follows Kris Barlow, who after the death of her husband returns to a long-abandoned lake house. She soon finds that the town of Pacington, Kansas is not as it seems, and that a presence has been awaiting her return. Bird Box author Josh Malerman calls it a "master class in immersion." Jason Heller of National Public Radio calls it "indelible" and says that the "sheer, skin-crawling fright is masterful." Available in bookstores nationwide and Amazon.

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Show Notes

It was a complete delight to chat with Scott Thomas about his early interest in horror, the importance of nurturing childhood passions, his experiences writing for television, and the unique process by which his first novel, Kill Creek, was brought into the world. We are so delighted with his most recent novel, Violet, and were thrilled to have him on the show.

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