LOTF 46: Summer Scares Recaps | Becky Spratford & Konrad Stump


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Show Notes Becky Spratford is the "Library World's Horror Maven" who specializing in reader's advisory to help match books with readers through the public library. Konrad Stump is the Local History Associate with the Springfield-Greene Library in Springfield, Missouri.

It was so fun to reconnect with Becky to hear how Summer Scares 2019 went overall. And Konrad gave us some specific ways the initiative was celebrated in his own library. We also dived a bit deeper into Konrad's experience programming library events, and he gave us some great tips for planning any kind of program. He also shared some specific ways that both librarians and patrons can be involved with getting more horror and horror programming into their own libraries! It was a fun, informative conversation that will bring a lot of value to our listeners--librarians, readers, and writers alike! And what does Shmidt from New Girl have to do with ANY of this? You'll have to listen to the end to find out.

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